Our Story

what do we do

We Specialise in Combat Sports Clothing, Martial Arts Uniforms, Protective Gear and Training Equipment


We believe that every athlete deserves to train, fight and compete fairly. To seize all opportunities to stand against their odds, on their terms, in an arena of levelled ground. We believe in the power of inspiration, commitment, and fair play. We envision a reality where these principles are pillars to fulfill dreams and accomplishments.

our vision

"We envision a reality where Inspiration, Commitment and Fair Play are pillars to fulfill dreams and accomplishments"

Our mission

We are on a mission to champion all athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts in their journeys and fights through inspiration and support. As we are committed to providing Combat Sports Gear of superior quality and appeal for unparalleled value.

your one-stop shop

2TUF2TAP, the home for all Martial Artists and Combat Sports Practitioners

how we started

In 2013, Taekwondo Champion Ali Al Asmar and Entrepreneur Izzat Katkhuda met by means of chance, only to team up, join experiences and combine edges to launch their journey with 2TUF2TAP. The unusual alliance between a relentless fighter and a tactical strategist would yield a robust duo of competence and venture. A humble beginning of a punching gloves collection would soon become a broad inventory of 500+ unique items, covering eight combat and martial arts sports.

This resolve would soon grant 2TUF2TAP a distinguished reputation among athletes and worldwide markets; across international federations, retailers and combat sport Dojangs. In a short-lived period, 2TUF2TAP transformed the terrain of the regional combat gear industry fueled by its philosophy of fair play, the mission to champion all athletes and the offerings of premium quality products for unparalleled value. And to this day, this journey carries on.

Perform without limits with 2TUF2TAP.