'Marker-02' Standing Punching Bag - Half Length - Black/White

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Train your reflexes and precision with 2TUF2TAP's 'Marker-02' Standing Punching Bag. Labelled target points at various positions. This bag is designed for flexible mobility, placement and storage. This bag arrives with a sturdy round base for secure mounting and fixing. Its uniform round shape allows you to master your punches, hooks, uppercuts and kicks. Tailored with resilient materials, this bag is built to last!

Technical Specifications

• Bag Height: 100 cm
• Bag Diameter ⌀: 100 cm
• Trunk Height: 40 cm
• Base Height: 45 cm
• Base Diameter ⌀: 185 cm
• Numbered striking zones
• Reinforced Ply-U cladding
• Compact foam filling
• Sturdy base